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priiiivate privaterrrrrrr France

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About me

I like music, art, and writing


I live in wonderland with the real Mad Hatter


Flyleaf, hawthorne heights, Rise Against, Shinedown, Fall out Boy, Three days Grace, Blink 182, Monty are i, All-american rejects, Boys like girls (kinda), My chemical Romace XD, Panic! At the Disco, Three dorrs down, Good charlotte, The Fray, Jay-Z

Movies and TV:

Cribs, MTV (but not MTV music, they ruin songs!) spike, guess i dont really watch much tv....


track, basketball, or football would be the sports I would choose if I had to


I must admit I think that some anime is pretty, very well drawn, and artistic. I also like digital art. I like darker scenes, such as forests at night or any pictures tooken at night or very early morning.


uuuuh i like hot topic?


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